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As I have promised - my Autobiography - Magical me. Joke, it's like the saying goes - quite another story. But what art is not magic?

All children draw, but already as a child I knew that does not give up painting. Maybe it will not be my profession, but I'm just going to do it. Of course I drew at home, but better remember my drawing in kindergarten. Girls in our group   drawing  princesses and a quarter of the sun in a corner of sheet, the boys - machines and soldiers, and I - painted portraits (which looked like caricatures) of educators and pictures with ships similar  the Phoenician bas-reliefs.

Criticism then, and now I perceived with hostility, and after one time even decided never again to draw. But my oath was short-lived, a month later, I went back to the drawing.

At twelve years old I went to art school, itself insisted that I wanted to study there. In four years, art school  became my rest of the secondary school, where I had modest success, and and where I  received taunts from my classmates.

In secondary school I drew, but for the most part - in secret, at the end exercise books and in textbooks. I remember a physics textbook that I improved with scenes from the Kama Sutra. So I showed my attitude to the subject, and maybe - provoked the audience. Epatage and timidity often go together. It is a pity that after provocative actions is mortally ashamed. But I ran forward, of course - the Kama Sutra I drew in high school. Back to childhood.

Art school remembered me fits of laughter and a broken nose (I raced down the hall for girls). 
I did not like to paint still lifes, but I loved the composition. My work with the aliens I think is still hanging in our classroom on the third floor.
A little ashamed to remember, but I was interested in serious topics. I painted Jesus on the cross and killing a whale. (Aliens? Who can say that this is not a serious topic will deal with them!) My painting has been so naive in early childhood, but it was not an adult, angular like me in those years.

After graduating high school, I was sitting at home. Then, in the scope of my interests came Dali, I started to imitate him. But my imagination was not very good, that's when I invented a few intuitive techniques. Paintings smoke (piece of paper held over a candle flame), blind graphics (close your eyes and wave the brush in ink), frottage. 
I also copied photos from magazines on a journey that I took in the library. It was quite sad - to paint the place in which for sure never visited, but as I understood later - useful. My eyes so inadvertently tuned to the composition and mastering aerial perspective.

Finally, a few years later, I went to art college. At the behest of parents, I went to the class of design, is not quite what it is. I do not know whether it was a completely wrong decision, profile subjects became my torture. But in the first year we have acquainted a lot of intuitive techniques (in addition to the invented me) that I still use.

In college, I studied just "diligently" as in art school. More lay on the grass and drinking beer. Still, the latest course I had some success. Some of my works have even taken to the fund.

I was not diligent, not only because I was lazy, I was afraid that if I became a master in an academic manner, then my works will lose the naivety, they will be the same as everyone else. Now I realize that my fears were unfounded, but then I did not understand it, cherish my primitiveness.

Perhaps that is why a lot of people think I'm self-taught, and I do not mind to support this legend.
Eventually it is not so far from the truth.

(To be continued).



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About commisions

Your portrait or a portrait of your character in an imaginary style-30$.

Blending by LusiusMalfoy dissolution by LusiusMalfoy Veter by LusiusMalfoy 

Illustration for your stories, covers, or picture on the shirt.

Depending on the complexity — 50-150 $

Lord of the butterflies by LusiusMalfoy rainbow by LusiusMalfoy Tissue by LusiusMalfoy 

What will I am particularly pleased to portray: ancient civilizations (Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica) and their mythology, magic, shamanism, yoga, lucid dreams (astral projection), aliens, astronauts.

Fanart: Hannibal, Harry Potter, but you can offer something different.

I do not draw in the anime style, but I can probably draw anime characters in a realistic manner, I think it will be an interesting experience.

To order a commission note me here or contact via email with short description of your idea. For your portrait I need several photos taken in daylight.

Only a digital art or scan of the traditional work. I use paypal.



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